Best Smart Watches in NZ Guide

We are often asked what our opinion is on the best smart watch to purchase. 

There are an overwhelming amount of selections, all with unique features that can make selection hard!

There are three main brands that dominant the Smart watch space right now.

Firstly, the company that put Smart Watches on the map - Apple. The Apple Watch are a very high end product and are particularly useful for those who have an iPhone as they integrate seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem and are an extension of iPhone on your wrist. The Apple Watch is particularly stylish, and the handy thing is so far the 6 available series of Apple Watch have straps that are compatible with all models in the two sizes - 38/40mm and 42/44mm. This means when you buy a Apple Watch Strap from us, you can continue to use these straps when you upgrade you watch. The biggest downside of the Apple Watch is the price, demanding a high premium compared to many other watches.

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The second major player in the Smart Watch area right now is Fitbit. They are the most common Smart Watch in NZ right now. Fitbit has a good range of products, with a range of different styles that work with different size wrists - from the smaller petite Fitbit Inspire to the larger Fitbit Ionic. The Fitbit app is very good, and works with both Android and iPhones. The Fitbit app community is a very strong element, and is superior in our opinion to Apples - you can see your friends steps and have some fun with it! Fitbit also sells the Aria Scales, which integrate your weight and body fat with exercise data, giving you strong insights into your overall health. The great thing with Fitbit is they are also mid range in terms of pricing.

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Garmin are one of the fastest growing Smart Watch brands. They have a huge range of products, with the most popular being the Garmin Fenix Range, The Garmin Forerunner Range and the Garmin Vivoactive Range. Further to this, the Garmin Vivofit JR/JR2 range are very popular amongst children.

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